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• Waste Water Treatment Plants

• Wate Water Tunnels

• Collector Chimneys

• Bridges

• Concrete Pipes



PVC T - Lock Geomembrane

PVC T-Lock Geomembrane has unique feature that differentiate is the continous T shape tabs on the surface. With these tabs, T-Lock Geomembrane does not move in the concrete and prevents damages against concrete by blocking vibrations.

Thus, the constructions shall be healthier and more long-lived. It carries all technical specifications of flat sheet geomembranes and methods of waterproofing application are nearly the same as the methods used for flat sheet geomembranes. They are generally used not only in waste water treatment plants, waste water plants, collector chimneys, bridges, concrete pipes but also all projects where flat sheet geomembranes are used.       

They are in width of 2,10mt with thickness 1mm - 1,20mm - 1,50mm - 1,65mm - 2mm - 2,50mm - 3mm and generally in black colour. When its demanded, they are manufactured in optional lengths. If special sizes are requested, they can be prepared with welding procedure in the factory and then delivered. 

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