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• Light metal roofs

• Floors

• Pools

• Terrace roofs in reinforced concrete

• Curtain wall

• Lakes

• Garden Terrace roofs

• Humid zones

• Drinking water tank

• Terrace roofs parking lots

• Underground tunnels and structures

Pvc Membrane

A synthetic thermoplastic polymer prepared from vinyl chloride. PVCcan be compounded into flexible and rigid forms through the use of plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers and other modifiers. Rigid forms are used in pipes; flexible forms are used in the manufacture of sheeting and roof membrane materials.In the roofing application, PVC sheets are produced by calendaring, spread coating or extruding, and typically are reinforced with polyester or glass-fiber mats or scrim. PVC sheets contain plasticizers and stabilizers, as well as other additives to impart flexibility and achieve other desired physical properties. Some membranes are available with nonwoven fleece backing adhered to the underside of a sheet.

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