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Pvc Drainage Pipes

Our drainage pipes are produced from rigid pvc(u-pvc) without using any softener and used for removing both ground and underground waters. Pipes are produced with holes or without holes and have diameter range between 50-200mm in accordance with TS 9128 norms.

Application Areas : 


  • Used for removing unwanted waters from building foundations

  • Improvement of muddy and clayey areas 

  • Improvement of highways banquette

  • While removing unwanted waters from agricultural areas

  •  Water Tanks Basements

  • Irrigation Canal Anchorage

  • Tunnel s Water Canals

  • Dam s Water Canals

Proporties : 


  • Long life, 50 years under the ground

  • With its grooved structure, it has more resistant than the pipes which has straight to surface pressure

  • Holes on the pipes are in the internal surface of paries rounds resulted with very low chance of blockage

  • No need filter material while applying in gritty(sandy) areas

  • Has advantage both transporting and applying because of its low weight 

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