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Polyethylene Pipe and Sheet Insulation

The most important properties are: excellent thermal conductivity coefficient unmatched resistance to water-vapour transmission and water absorption designed to exceed the life expectancy of most installations wide temperature range good flexibility and easy installation environmentally friendly material manufactured without CFC´s and HCFC´s recyclable

Temperature range is - 80°C up to 95°C and its range of applications are split and central air-conditioning systems; internal and external lining of air-treatment systems; water and liquid cooling systems, pipes with large and extra large diameters, tanks, valves and flanges. λ=0,036 W/mK (at 10°C) , λ=0,038 W/mK (at 40 °C) DIN 52613 density 25-38 kg/m3. It has excellent insulation values, self-extinguishing (B1 DIN 4102). Laminated sheets up to 100 mm wall thicknesses can be produced upon request.

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