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  • Concrete pipes

  • Collector funnels

  • Concrete boxes

  • Irrigation Canals that has unstable ground



PE T - Grip & Art T - Grip Geomembranes

PE T - Grip Geomembrane made of high, low density and linearly low density polyethylene raw materials that used in unstable grounds. The unique feature that differentiate PE T-Lock  geomembranes is the T shape continuous tabs on them. With the help of these tabs, it locks the concrete and prevent damages against concrete by blocking vibrations. Thus the constructions shall be healthier and long - lived.


Although it is hard, it is not fractured. It is used in concrete pipes, collector funnels, concrete boxes in order to protect concrete against the gas and corrosion. ART T - Grip Geomembrane is a special design type of geomembrane used in irrigation canals with unstable ground. With the discontinuous and discrete tabs, concrete is easily be poured in sloped ground and concrete locks the geomembrane easily.


They all carries the same technical features of flat sheet geomembranes and methods of waterproofing application are nearly the same as the flat types.   

Size :

They are in width of 2,20 mt. If special sizes are requested, they can be prepared with welding procedure in the factory and then delivered. 

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