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PE HDPE Geomembrane is a geosynthetic liner which is formed as result of extrusion of high density polyethylene and shaped homogenously by calender system. It can be used in all projects where impermeability is required. 

PE LDPE Geomembrane is made of low density polyethylene raw material and generally used in landfills,waste water repository sites and irrigation ponds.

PE LLDPE Geomembrane is made of linear low density polyethylene raw material and generally used in ornometal ponds, irrigation canals.

PE VLDPE Geomembrane is made of lowest density polyethylene raw material and used in ponds, water reservoirs. 

  Features :

- Highly resistant to chemicals

- UV resistant

- Higher tensile strength

- Low permeability

- Profoundly resistant to fractures

- Superior protection against leakages

- Resistant against natural condition

- Highly resistant to organic and inorganic solvents


Typical Applications : 

- Landfills

- Drainage pits for collecting leakage of gold or other mines

- Waste Water Repository

- Irrigation Canals

- Mining Sites

- Treatment Plants

- Oilfields

- Fertilizier Pits

- Sedimentation Ponds

- Bioenergy Generation Plants


Type & Sizes : 

Products are manufactured in a width of 2,10mt to 7,0mt and standard lengths of 50mt to 100mt or optional lengths in optional colours with thickness of 1mm,1,20mm,2mm,2,50mm,3mm. 

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