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Manhole D-400

Weight:  Min. 40 kg

TS 1478 is in accordance with EN 124 standards. 
Minimum 400 kN (40 tons) load-resistant. 
Produced in any desired color. 
17,5 cm circular space in the center of the cover text and / or logo can be added. 
Lock mechanism. 
They are light transport and ensures easy installation. 
Hinged. Thus, eliminating the risk of breaking the hinge under load. 
There is no risk of theft because there is no scrap value. 
Acid, base and solvent resistant. 
Non-flammable, has a self-extinguishing ability.


Corrosion Resistance

Composite products have been designed for use in harsh environmental conditions. Extra corrosion-resistant paint or do not want another surface treatment.

Resistant to many chemicals (acids, alkalis, solvents).

UV stability is high.

Impact Resistance

Impact on the structural flexibility of the product, distortion and breakage resistance.

Thermal expansion is low.

Noise and vibration is low.

Architectural Aesthetics & Benefits

Have a smooth surface.

Can be produced in a wide range of colors.

Although lighter than metals are more robust.

The desired tension can be produced by the bending and impact strength values.

Long-lasting and low maintenance requirements.

Implementation time and reduce the cost, because they are lightweight, they are easy to install.

Can be cut with a saw, drilled with a drill. Screws can be used with silicone adhesive.

Have the ability to self-extinguishing and fire retardant.

They are dimensionally stable.

Have low thermal conductivity.

They have electricity and water proofing.

That there is no risk of being stolen for scrap value.


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