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  • Road Embankments

  • Foundation Improvement 

  • Poor Soil Amendment

  • Basement and Drainage of Shaft

  • Reinforced Walls

  • Erozion Zone

  • Pile Cap Platforms


Storage : 


PE Geogrids are prepared for delivery after each roll is quality-controlled. They are consigned as stowage without damaging. It should be stored in a smooth and clean area. 


PE Geogrids with high strength and lower strech are geosynthetic materials made of high density polyethylene.     

Features : 


Higher strength, lower strech. Resistant to chemicals; especially against acid and sulfate. They are affacted less from unfavourable application conditions. When demanded, they can be manufactured as lamination with geotextile for one side or both sides. When demanded, carrying capacity can be increased to 160 kN / m. Resistant to Uv Beam.  

Dimensions :


Thickness : 4mm

Interocular Distance : 5cm - 5cm

Unit Mass : 500gr / sqm 

Roll Width : 2 m 

Roll Length : Optional



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